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Move fields from one field group to another

  • Just renewing the request to be able to move fields from one group to another. So many times I’ve had to delete and recreate a bunch of fields (and reenter all the content) due to a client request or misunderstanding – it’s just painful.

    Love the plugin, though, thank you so much!!! This is my favorite plugin of all time and I’m happy to have purchased the add-ons. I’d purchase this if it were an add-on too!

  • Hi @Michelle

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll hope to find the time to add this in

  • Hi, Elliot!

    If we could at least make duplicates, that would be helpful!


  • Hi guys!

    In regards to Davids request to be able to duplicate. Since the fieldgroups are basically posts you can actually use this plugin:

    I’ve tried it myself on a fieldgroup containing repeaterfields and other fields with success so I think it’d work fine on any fieldgroup.

    Perhaps this could be added to the documentation so that everyone and not just ppl finding their way here become aware of this 🙂

  • Just saying thank you Jonathan for the heads up on Duplicate Posts plugin. Worked like a charm and saved me ooooohhh sooooo much headache!

  • How to duplicate 2 fieldgroups in 2 tabs? If I add a tab in each group, they still go to the line and tabs do not work.



    But i need

    [Tab1 (Group1)] [Tab2 (Group2)]

  • @xmonkx you can just place both tabs with their respective fields in the same field group..

    It’ll give you the layout you want.

    Also in the future please start a new topic instead 🙂

  • I have one group (Group_1) with 25 fields with prefix “tab1_” and i want make another tab with prefix “tab2”. If i do it in the same group i need duplicate all fields, drag them under new tab and replace new field name prefix. it’s not so difficult, but duplicating inside field group takes a lot of time 🙁

  • About moving fields between groups, this is the way I do it:

    Export fields to php file
    edit the php file and place fields under the desired group
    import the groups from the edited php file

    not optimal but works fine…

  • This helped me a lot:

    There described just 2 actions to achieve desired result:
    Using phpMyAdmin
    1. Find IDs of groups you want to move fields between (From Group -> To Group)
    SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type="acf"
    you’ll see all the field groups, so just remember 2 FromID and ToID

    2. Find all fields of From Group
    SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE "field_%" AND post_id=FromID
    then just change post_id of appropriate fields to ToID and all these fields will be moved to To Group

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