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Most efficient way to access ACF properties when listing posts?

  • I use ACF to allow users to create custom posts (listings) from the front-end. Users can also browse all listings to connect with other users.

    I’ve built a custom loop that goes through the listings and displays a box showing the details for each one of them.

    The loop basically goes through something like this:

    <h1><?php the_field('title') ?></h1>
    <small><?php the_field('category') ?></small>
    <p><?php the_field('description') ?></p>
    <p><?php the_field('condition') ?></p>

    I’m worried that this is a horribly inefficient way of loading the fields. At ~10 fields per post, displaying 32 posts would mean 320 extra requests that could possible be reduced to 32.

  • Hi.
    I have a better solution, I think. I’m using ACF+Custom Content Shortcode.

    Very simple. And I love it so much!!!!

  • The first time that you call the_field(), all of the custom field data for the post should be retrieved from the database and stored in the WP cache. Subsequent calls the the_field() get values from this cache. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

    You can test this by installing this plugin

    load your page and see how many queries are done. Then add this directly before your calls the_field();

    $meta = get_post_meta();

    This specifically tells WP to get all custom fields for a post. When you load your page again there should be no difference in the number of queries.

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