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More user friendly relation-fields [and 'bug-report']

  • Hi,
    [I’m not sure if it is an issue or a feature request, so i decided to put it here:]

    I have a website with a lot of content (especially a lot of images/attachments). And it massively uses ACF. Some days ago i wasn’t able to build a new page, as the template uses a relation-field with all types of posts. The server simply ran into a memory exhaust (namely some wp-admin DB script) trying to build the selection list for all post-types.

    I had to restrict the field to certain types, excluding attachments, and it worked again. Not great but no real show-stopper either in that case.

    A selection drop-down with about 1000 elements war unpractical anyhow.

    To solve the immediate problem some kind of pagination comes to mind, but that seems not to user-friendly.

    The problem on the other hand should be solved, probably with offering a better (or alternative) way to select relations.

    I might have some ideas to offer, but I wanted to hear first, if there is already something planed or in the works, or if I#m the only one with that problem and everyone else is just happy as it is.


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