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More prominent way to show that a sync is available

  • I work in a team and all of us work on the custom fields, but because there isn’t a clear indication that there has been a sync for the acf-json we usually miss it. And this will result in fields suddenly missing from a group that someone thought he made.

    I would love a clear bar in the wp-admin maybe on all the pages, because it can also introduce some problems when editing content on a post or page when the new fields are not yet synced.

    A default WordPress notice in the admin area should do fine, maybe with a sync button right there that syncs all the fields with the click of a button (I almost never want to sync only one group).

    I would love to know what you think.

  • I can only add a big up to that request. I’m having the same issues on a regular basis, so indeed a more prominent notification would be great, and a button to sync all fields would also be a time saver.

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