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More layout (backend) options, like "group"

  • Hi everyone,

    By “Layout options” here, I mean the one like (Table, Block, Row).
    Lets say I’ve the following fields:
    • one big field (ie. textarea)
    • multiple smaller fields like text, number, checkbox etc.

    To save place and increase usability for clients, it would be very nice to be able to “stack” or “group” some fields and give a width to this new container.
    See attached example.

  • Hi @tazintosh

    For something like that, you can always use the acf/input/admin_head action hook to add JS and CSS script to the backend. That way you can modify the custom fields the way you want it. This page should give you more idea about it:

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • Hi James, thank you for your time answering.

    I’m sure this would definitely helps, but I’ll not press the “This solved my question button” 🙂 Very sorry 😉
    I’m persuaded such a classical layout need should not be answered by custom code for the user (even if we are developers building a form for our client).
    Proposing a field “group”, which has the same layout options as the other existing (width, height, style, etc.) does not seems to be an incredible piece of work (it’s just a wrapper in the end), but this would instantly and greatly increase the overall power and usability of the plugin.

    Best regards

  • Hi @tazintosh,

    Thanks for the follow up.

    I will raise this with the plugin’s author to look into and hopefully this feature will be considered for a future update.

  • I’d greatly appreciate this!
    Thanks in advance James.
    If ever you need a tester for it, I’m available for you.

  • Thank you!
    Thank you Elliot!
    Thanks a —lot— for the new “group” feature you added on v5.6.0!
    This is —insanely— appreciated.

    All the best.

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