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ModSecurity WAF Issue

  • I am implementing ACF with a site with an SSL certificate and that is running the ModSecurity WAF (Web Application Firewall). I created a custom options page and have an ACF repeater field on the options page.

    ModSecurity is rejecting the post from the options page and says it is detecting a possible SQL injection attack. This makes it so I cannot save any of the items on that page.

    Running the latest ACF and WordPress versions (5.5.12 and 4.7.4, respectively).

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Experiences?

  • What are you trying to submit in your fields. In the few cases I’ve seen this happen it was when trying to submit JavaScript in a field, don’t remember what plugin did it.

    I don’t know anything about ModSecurity, but I’d guess that there is some setting that needs to be changed. There’s really nothing in ACF. They do have support and if this was a problem for me that’s where I’d be looking

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