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Modelling People and Life Events

  • I need to attach multiple people to a post, and each person needs to have multiple life events (eg Birth, Marriage, Death) which consists of an event type, a date and a location.

    This is fairly straight forward, as I currently have People – a Repeater Field – and then attached to People I have ‘Life Events’ – another Repeater Field (The documentation says this isn’t possible but I’ve been able to do it – maybe the documentation is out of date?)

    The problem is that it looks a mess in the admin screens and is difficult to add data. I bought the Flexible Content extension thinking that would help but it hasn’t. What I am looking for is to produce People as Rows, and then life events as Sub-Rows underneath each Person.

    Is there any way I can achieve this using ACF? Really struggling to get this working and it;s essential to my project. Really grateful for any input.

  • Hi @watchthedot

    If a simpler UI is needed, perhaps you should think about using post types to separate the data.

    Perhaps you could create a post type called ‘person’ and for each person, give them a repeater field where you add in the life events.

    Then, use a relationship field on the post to select the ‘people’.

    hope that helps.


  • Thanks Elliot, that does sound like a workable idea. Would each person need to be created as a separate post,or can they be created from within the ‘parent’ post using the ACF interface?

  • Hi @watchthedot

    Yes, each person is a separate post.


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