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Mixed variable types in render_callback in acf_register_block_type

  • When using the render_callback for acf_register_block_type in ACF 5.8, the third parameter $is_preview is boolean true in the editor and an array containing the block data in the frontend. This means that the result of using if($is_preview){ … } is always true, which is unexpected.

  • I am running into the same issue. In addition, $block['mode'] is equal to 'preview' on the frontend.

  • This is happening for me as well, it appears to be when using the Gutenberg plugin as opposed to core Gutenberg. Core does not pass a 3rd variable so $is_preview would expect to default to false in the ACF render callback, but the Gutenberg plugin passes the full block array as a parameter which ACF’s function currently does not expect. I’m currently checking true === $is_preview to determine if it’s a preview because ACF explicitly sets it to true when this is the case.

  • @blakers you are a lifesaver! Thanks for that workaround, that will work great. I need access to the Group block, so until they add it to core Gutenberg I need to use the plugin.

  • Agreed! Thanks so much for the solution, @blakers

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