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Missing subfield data in frontend template

  • Hey everyone,

    has anyone experienced this before and knows a solution?
    I have registered a flexible content field with some sub layouts. In my page template, when I dump the post data, for some of the sub layouts I get a full array of data as it should be but for some I only get an array with a single entry, the ‘acf_fc_layout’ string. The data of the subfields is completely missing.
    But in the wordpress backend, when I edit the page, the subfields are there and the data is too, so it is saved correctly to the database, it just doesn’t make it’s way to the frontend.
    Any ideas?

  • Hi @mpact

    Could you please let me know how did you add the layout?

    Also, could you please check the database for any differences between the rows that show up and the ones that are not? Could you also please try to resave the post on the backend and check the returned flexible content?

    Thanks 🙂

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