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Missing Options Page

  • Hello!

    I just noticed the Options link in the sidebar has disappeared! It probably happened several months ago during an update (from what I gather from other posts), but since I wasn’t editing that page, I didn’t even notice.

    Now I need to make a change, and I can’t figure out how to get to it! It’s still showing up on the front end, just not the dashboard.

    Any idea how to access this custom field?

    Thank you!

  • Update:

    I just found this page:

    Sounds like this feature needs to be purchased separately now (it used to be included in the version that I had first installed on this site).

    I figured out how to fix my problem by adding the field to a page, rather than it’s own separate entity (even though the field is associated with the header, not a page).

    Seems to work fine, or at least I hope!

    Thanks again!

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