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  • Good day all. I am taking over a website someone has listed or created using ACF Pro. There are sections of the site I can see online LIVE, and check the code for the DIV and ID, but I can not find them in the page I am trying to update. I am new to ACF Pro. I could use help trying to find the fields to update on the back end. Please advise what I am missing to get the information updated. Thank you

  • You need to look for ACF function calls. These are things like get_field(), the_field(), have_rows(). These will have the field name that is being used and may also have a post ID. The post ID value will determine where the value needs to be updated. If the post ID is not included this would mean the the value is saved by editing the post that is being referenced in the current loop.

  • Thank you John Huebner. I am not sure what this means. I am going to check some of the help documents and videos and learn a little more. I can see the information on the page in prod, then look in code and see it has containers ids etc, but not seeing it in the backend how to update or where the data is stored to be changed.

  • I am a newbie and did some other research. I found the areas of code and information I was looking for. Thank you all for the help.

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