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Missing Field Group Titles

  • Here is the single category view:
    Single Category View

    And here is the category overview page:
    Category Overview

    By the way: I think with the ticket system is something wrong. I have already sent 4 tickets and only for once came a confirmation that it has arrived.

    Addition (22-5-15): I just tried to send you a ticket about this problem and it has already not working. There is definitely a problem with the ticket system.

  • Hi @sascha

    Hmm… Seems like a CSS issue.

    One way to find out what would be causing the issue is to do a CSS inspection of your webpage and identify the CSS rules applied to the field group title. I would recommend Google chrome web inspector.

  • I’ve just looked into the source code and didn’t find the Group Titles.
    But i know how to add the titles.

    In /forms/taxonomy.php

    I added this:

    if( $field_group['style'] == 'default' ):
    echo '<h3>'.$field_group['title'].'</h3>';


  • Can you fix this in the next update?

  • Hi @sascha ,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    I am going this ticket for the developer to look into.

    Hopefully it will be fixed in a future release.

    Thanks a bundle for the feedback.

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