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Missing css identifiers for

  • There does not seems to be a unique css identifier for every field on a single repeater field (every <tr>). Was this changed in a update? If so why did this change?

  • Hi @KimH

    Can you please elaborate more on what has changed? I have made some changes to attributes in the repeater field tr, but I was unaware that anything had been removed completely.


  • I was able to hide a field using css and the data-field_name on the <tr> tag before, and now I am not able to do this anymore. The only way I can do that now seems to be with js and that seems like a poor solution for my current problem. I’m trying to hide fields that are not relevant based on current language on the edited post, on a multi language site. I need to do this to be able to easily synchronize the repeater field data between languages with only a bit of language specific data.

  • Hi @KimH

    Thanks for the follow up, but can you please specify exactly what attributes have changed? Each field wrap will always contain a data-field_name.

    Which tr are you talking about?
    What layout setting do you have on the repeater field?


  • The issue seems to be solved and it is working as it did before now. Not sure why it stopped working there for a while.

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