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Missing all custom field but 1 (still works though)

  • Hello,

    This is an unusual problem. I set 13 fields inside one field group and it is registered as having 13 fields in the field group. When I go to edit the field group only one field shows up. Fortunately the fields that do not show up still work fine on the front end. But, I do need to add 1 single field in a select box that does not show up when editing the field group. I cannot simply redo the Field Group since there are around 100+ posts that are reliant on this field group, so I would have to redo everyone of those posts as well.

    Is there a way to find the field group via SQL and just attach another item to the select menu that I am looking for? I have been doing a few SQL searches but there doesn’t seem to be using a direct table to target.

    – Note – All fields out of the field group show up on the old production site but only one shows up on the live site. Both have a duplicate of the one field that shows up on the live site. (could be a duplicate key issue I think).

    Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • Are you using local JSON (acf-json folder in the theme)? It could be that the fields in question exist in the JSON file and this is the reason they appear when editing a page and not when editing the group. ACF will always pull from the database when editing a group and will always use the JSON file (if it exists) when editing something with the fields. If you using local JSON try updating the field group on the old site and syncing it on the new site.

  • Thanks John! That makes sense. Always helps to have a different perspective.

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