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Minimum Rows For Flexible Content?

  • I may be using the flexible content field incorrectly, currently I have it in a repeater, which generates slides with 5 different potential layouts. However if my client where to add two flexible fields in one slider it throws off the math. Basically I would love to be able to hide the button, or set a max to the number of flexible content fields that can be generated.

    Another off topic suggestion, it would be great if it was possible to drag and drop fields out and into a repeater/flexible field. Sometimes I don’t realize I need something to be a repeater and its a pain to regenerate all the fields. Not sure if that’s possible or not :D.

  • Hi @afgarcia86

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I’ll definitely add in the row limits into the flexible content field soon.

    As for the drag / drop fields into sub-fields, this is a bit to complicated at the moment for ACF. Perhaps in the future I can have a look at this.


  • Limiting the number of rows in a Flexible Content Field would be great! I cast my vote!

  • Hi @elliot,

    Has there been a solution on limiting the number of rows for Flexible Content Fields. This would be a fantastic features.

  • Hi @elliot,

    Curious if this feature was added to the latest updates? Let me know, this feature would be very useful.

  • Hi @cosmoo

    The flexible content field is yet to receive an update containing these values. Rest assured the update is on its way and will be out in the next month!


  • Hello,

    I am looking for limiting maximum rows as well.

    Thank you.

  • Hi @AboHitham

    If you want, you can join up to the BETA testing team (link in the beta testing forum).

    There is currently a beta flexible content field which you can test out the min / max settings.


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