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Migration from v.3 to v.4

  • Hello, Everyone,

    I’m in a bit of trouble. I am coming back to work on a WordPress site I built a couple of years ago and without thinking updated all plugins at once, not knowing that v.4 of ACF was such a departure.

    The fields I set up stopped working, of course. I see them in the database, but they do not show up in the admin back-end. I tried to revert back to an older version of 3 but couldn’t remember which one I had installed, and everything seems to still be missing from the admin.

    The page that offers a tutorial for the migration now just links to the home-page. Can any kind soul send me to a copy of the tutorial, at least, or help me figure out how to set things straight?

    Many thanks in advance, Matt

  • Hi @matthewbivins

    You can find documentation here:

    All you need to do, is download the premium add-ons from your ACF online account and install them as WP plugins.

    Did you install any other 3rd party field types?

  • Thanks, Elliot-

    The link above wasn’t as clear as I was expecting, but with the help of others on the forum I was led to downloading the plugins, and while I did still lose my database completely I was able to get going again.

    For those in a similar situation: it’s actually a lot better if you find yourself accidentally upgraded to v.4 to NOT try and downgrade. This is possibly what killed my site and custom fields. Elliot is right: on the surface, not much has changed, and most of old code is still supported in v.4 (the use of the repeater field in templates, for example).

    If I had taken a breath and found that the only thing necessary to make the new version work is install the add-ons as separate plugins, I would have probably been fine. Don’t do what I did!

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