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Migrating from version 2 to 4

  • I am new to ACF so please excuse me for using the wrong terminology. I have a website built back in 2011 that uses version 2.1.4. I created a fresh WordPress 3.9.1 install and fresh install of ACF 4.3.8. I used WordPress’ import feature to import everything.

    Upon import, all Field Groups were present but I noticed each only has 1 field. I’m also receiving the following error: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘field_group’ /wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/core/fields/_functions.php on line 374

    I am praying the end result requires me to re-input every field for each field group. Is there another method, such as exporting a table, replacing all of something and updating the data via mySQL or something?


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