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Migrating from regular field to repeater field

  • Hi!

    I had a simple field findings_description
    After a while I decided to wrap that field into a repeater called examinations.

    To migrate all existing fields to the new structure, I wrote two SQL queries:

    UPDATEwp_postmetaSETmeta_key= '_examinations_0_findings_description' WHEREmeta_key= '_findings_description'
    UPDATEwp_postmetaSETmeta_key= 'examinations_0_findings_description' WHEREmeta_key= 'findings_description'

    To my surprise, this does not work. The field in repeater stays empty even though the db entry is set.

    What am I missing here?

  • You need to set the repeater field to have one row. The meta key examinations needs to hold the number of rows in the repeater and _examinations needs to hole the field key of the field. These 2 rows would need to be added for every post where the repeater appears.

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