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Migrating content strategies

  • Hey everyone,

    I have built a site where we use ACF & its add ons extensively to build modular pages. I use WP-CLI addon ( to export ACF fields and commit them in GIT repo. This makes thing easier for us when we are deploying different branches across several installs.

    But one issue that we still face is when it comes to migrating the content filled for different pages or post types. We have to do it manually, sometimes its really not an option to deploy and then start filling out content.

    I am currently looking into RAMP ( to see how much it can do for us, but I thought I would ask the community here, what they are using to do content migrations when they actually have to deploy pages filled with ACF data to live install?

  • I would be very curious to see how you are doing this. I am double entering content right now on a staging platform

  • Hi @ashfame

    I use a more basic aproach with Migrate DB Pro. It does a 100% copy/paste from one site to another whilst changing the urls/paths.

    Its basic in it’s approach, but it gets the job done quite nicely

  • Hi @Elliot Condon
    I have tried Migrate DB Pro, its more of a swap the DB plugin. I am looking into a content deployment solution, as in fields are existing on multiple installs, now how can I move content entered in admin from one install to another.

  • I’ve been looking into something similar, disappointingly I couldn’t come up with a proper solution for the problem. Plus RAMP doesn’t seem cheap at 1000$ for unlimited installs.

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