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Migrate away from ACF

  • Hello, I’ve decided to migrate away from ACF on one of my sites for a few reasons. How can I completely delete all ACF data, and values saved to posts etc?

  • It would not be an easy process, and you’d need to work directly with the db.

    The first step would be to search the meta_value column of the db in the _termmeta, _postmeta, _usermeta and _commentmeta tables looking for any values that starts with “field_%”. You would also need to search for the same thing in the option_value column of the _options table. These are the field key references.

    The meta_key value will look something like “_some_field_name”. If you remove the initial underscore you will have the meta_key where the actual field value is stored.

    All of these would need to be deleted.

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