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Metabox automatically posting to posts

  • My understanding is I need to edit code where I want the custom data to appear, which is fine. I don’t want the custom data automatically placed into posts as I’d like to control where I place it. I haven’t been able to find this issue anywhere. Any help appreciated.

    I’ve indicated the fields should be shown in posts but my understanding this is the edit page only, not the page the public sees when published.


  • Hi @barriec7

    You are right the fields will appear on the post edit are on the back office but you could go further and create custom page templates which will add more flexibility to how the page layout will be structured. Please take a look at the following resource page for more info on this:

  • thank you James. i know how to create posts and pages. my problem is the fields i’m entering on the back end are automatically being served on all posts on the front end to the user. thus if i create new code, i now have two set of data being displayed to the end user.

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