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Meta values duplicated when Gutenberg is enabled

  • Hello ACF Team & all,

    I encountered a bug where meta values of ACF fields are duplicated in the database when Gutenberg is enabled for the specific post type.

    The setup
    There is a custom post type for events. ACF fields are used to store information that is to be used in a sidebar. The pages main content was handled by the classic editor. Everything worked fine, until we change the editor used to Gutenberg. Gutenberg is to replace the main content, the ACF fields used for the sidebar remained untouched.

    The symptoms
    When saving the post with Gutenberg enabled, meta values are duplicated in the database randomly. These is no structure to which fields are duplicated, sometimes everything is fine. Note that only the fields containing the actual value are duplicated, not the accompanying ACF reference fields.

    I don’t know how to prevent this from happening. Has anyone encountered this problem before?

    Thanks in advance!

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