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Meta box inputs disappear when attr id same as ACF

  • We’re having trouble between this ACF PRO and Listify WP theme. There are some meta boxes which have inputs with same id and name as some ACF fields attached to this post type. In admin when in post editor they just disappear, the Listify meta box and label stays but the input[type=”text”] are gone.
    Is there any way they can coexist given the same id and name html attributes?

  • Does the theme use ACF? What version does the theme use? If you have the same input names and IDs then it must be using ACF for it’s fields? Seems strange that they would share IDs because the IDs in ACF are related to the field keys, unless the shared IDs are something that you’re entering. First, you can’t have both versions of ACF installed, so you should check that. If that’s not it then you’ll need to rename your fields and if the keys are really duplicated then you’ll need to delete those and recreate them so that they get new field keys. Field keys being duplicated would be rare since the keys are based on the UNIX time that they were created.

  • We found the problem in the functions.php, it was an admin header jquery script that appended theme’s fields to acf boxes, that only served as placeholders.
    Sorry for wasting forum space.

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