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Merge two Flexible Content fields' layouts

  • Is there any way to move layouts from one Flexible Content to another?

    I maintain a master theme that has a Flexible Content field with a couple dozen layouts. Each time I create a new site, I use this as a starting point so that I have a library of ready-to-go layouts.

    The problem I have is getting new layouts into an existing site or moving layouts created there back into the master theme. For instance, let’s say I built a site (Site b) when there was 20 layouts in my master theme. Now time has passed and I’ve since added another ten layouts to the master theme. And I’ve added a couple more to Site B. I’d like to merge them in either direction. I can’t just export the master theme’s field group because it would over-write the two layouts I added to Site B.

    I tried importing Site B’s Flexible Content into the master theme. The import worked and I assumed I be able to drag-and-drop the two new layouts into the master theme’s Flexible Content. I cannot. I can drag individual fields out of a layout from Site B’s Flexible content, but I can’t move an entire layout.

    If this were only a few fields, I would just add a new layout with an identical name to the master Flexible Content and then drag the individual fields one at a time out of the imported Site B’s Flexible content layouts. Unfortunately, there are far too many to do this with.

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