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Menu item in the backend

  • Hello, before buying the pro version I would understand if you can add a specific menu item for a specific post.
    For example if I configure ACF for the inclusion of films, I can add a menu item in the backend like: Films -> Add movie etc. etc.?
    At the time I was trying with the plugin “Custom Post Type UI” that seems to be working properly, but not among the plugin compatible, so I wanted to know if this feature is included in ACF. I have found only information about adding a page options.
    If it is possible, in which section of the documentation I have to take a look?
    Thanks a lot

  • What you are describing is a custom post type and the plugin you mention is one that I use. ACF only creates custom fields, not post types, and it’s great for adding fields to post types created with that plugin.

    While not specifically ACF related, what is the problem you’re having with CPT UI? what is it not compatible with?

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