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  • Hello ,
    i am using ACF on my website which was used to develop most of the items on my site.
    Now same website is in multilangue with different languages and i am using wpml.
    Here’s the problem.
    sometime ago A developer i hired added “Product category field ” using ACF which displays a “children category field ” in my appearance-menus section in the default english website.

    But the thing is when the website is changed to french or any other language apart from the default site (in english)
    ” Children Category field ” in the menu item disappears and not available for other languages.
    if you watch the video you will see what i am refering to
    it’s been 9 weeks now i have been trying to figure out what exactly is causing this or how can i add this feature in other languages. i see it’s available in the default site but it’s not available in the other languages.
    i think it might be a code or some kind of settings the past developer did , but anything i try doesn’t seem to bring this feature in other languages .
    Any help into making this will be greatly .

    note- this option is for displaying sub categories (children category) of a parent category . example if the parent category is let’s say Movies – in the children category section in the menu , you just have to insert the parent category “id” example “955” . this will display the subcategories (action movies , comedy movies ) of parent category on the front end menu.
    this is super super great for large menus which i have on my website . this saves time and work and also avoids populating menus in the backend website.
    this is how they display categories on the frontend website –

    thank you

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