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Member User Profil Page/Portfolio Frontend/Backend

  • Hi,
    I’d like to do something, but I wanted to ask what you’re saying. Is that possible?
    I would like to create a kind of member profile portfolio.

    In the frontend all members (with picture and name) are to be displayed clearly. If you then click on name or picture, you can look at a special user profile.

    However, the members should only be shown if I have assigned you a special role “Contributor” and the members have filled out a form.

    How should that look like?
    I do not want to install a member plugin if it works. But I have registered members.
    Now I want all members with the role “Subscriber” in the backend (option page) and if possible also in the frontend (on a page) to get a form. There, the members can then fill out the form.
    In the admin area, I would like to let administrators, if possible, show who already filled out the form.
    When I see that, I then give the member the role of contributor.
    Then both control gongs are fulfilled and the profile is displayed in the frontend.
    If possible, the user list should have a pagination.

    Could you do something like that with ACF Pro?
    1) Is it possible to display a field group in both the Admin (Option Page) and the Frontend (Page) so that members have the option of making the settings in 2 locations?
    2) Is it possible to display all entries in the frontend, for example when creating an authors.php or a shortcode? First only each picture and name and then when clicking that whole profile.
    3) Can you make fields in the field group that the user and later only the administrator can change? (That would be helpful.)

    Why do I want to try to realize something?
    Because I have the problem that the WordPress user profile is not so clear and I think that my members do not find their way there. But I want to give them the opportunity to create a public profile on one page. If you are a contributor then the profile should appear in a list. And if you then click on photo or name, then you can see the public profile of the member.

    Important question: Is it possible that I allow form fields for the Subscriber and besides a form field, which only the administrator can edit?

    I would be glad if we could talk here, if that works and how best to start.
    I do not know all that well yet, but maybe we can join forces, get something like that.

    Greetings, Dj

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