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Media Library not displaying images (Solved)

  • WordPress: 4.1.1
    Plugins: Running Advanced Custom Fields (4.4.1) and ACF qTranslate (1.7.5).

    This will be useful for developers having issues with ACF not displaying images in Media Library.

    Since updating to ACF 4.4.1 my admin Media Library page (wp-admin/upload.php) was loading but not displaying anything below the ‘Media Library’ title.

    When I rolled back to a previous version (4.4.0 etc) it worked again, but AFC qTranslate was not, instead I was getting a different issue…where both language strings were displaying on my site, and the qTranslate ACF fields on the admin side were not displaying.

    There is an update to ACF qTranslate today (1.7.6) and if you are experiencing the same issues as I was above then you should update as it has now resolved for me.

    Hope this helps someone else.



  • Thanks for posting this, I know it’s old, but I’m sure it helped someone at some point.

  • Hello, I have this same problem, on my site with wordpress, when I activate the Advanced Custom Fields plugin qTranslate my media library in grid mode only shows a lead icon and nothing else.
    Someone else had a similar problem, I would like to know how to solve it. Thank you

  • ACF: 5.8.12
    Qtranslate-XT : 3.6.0

    I have the same problem and the above solution is not working.

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