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Maximum number of sub fields

  • I was creating a series of custom fields within a repeater field. I choose ‘row’ layout to make it look nicer on wp-admin. However, it seems that once the fields number went above 23, the layout automatically switched to ‘table’. I tried a lot of time, went through each and every field item several times to find out where the problem is generating. Later on I deleted a number of fields and then I could switch layout back to ‘row’ again.

    It seems repeater field has limit on number of fields it would allow inside it.

    attachment: this is how it looks when I deleted a few fields to make the custom fieldsets working again.

  • So many fields and repeater fields in one big repeater? I can tell you that this thing will broke as fast as possible.

    Is it possible that you create flexible layouts and put the repeater in there? For myself i got only 1 repeater in an flexible field and it is an performance issue already… what you trying to do is crazy. 😀

  • Thanks Michele,

    It is really good to know that flexible layout could be a probable solution. But what I believe is, if there is a limitation in using maximum number of repeater within repeater, wouldn’t it be better to include it in the documentation? Or if there is a performance issue using repeater within repeater, wouldn’t it be better to add it to the documentation as well?

    Reason for all the fields inside a repeater field is that all those fields might be used more than once. The way I have to arrange repeater fields in this case, because that is how I wanted to make it easier for client to handle content editing job. However, If I knew ‘repeater’ field has limitations, then I would have thought it differently.

    I would really appreciate if you can add a note to the documentation saying that using repeater inside repeater would sometime not work, as it would help other developers planning their work.



  • Hi @tuhin

    Thanks for your concern. All servers have a limit of how many PHP variables can be used at one time, and how big an array variable can be.

    Your repeater field is perhaps the larges I have ever seen, and this field was not intended to be used in this manor.

    ACF does not contain a limit, but PHP does. It is possible to increase this max_vars limit and PHP memory like so:


  • Thanks Elliot,

    That really helps a lot.


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