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Maximum execution time

  • Hey!

    With the update to 5.2.1 the plugin breaks my backend completely – all fields except the title fields are not shown. (see screenshots attached)

    The maximum execution time exceeds…, if i disable the ACF Pro Plugin, everything works fine.

    wordpress 4.1.1
    acf pro 5.2.1

    kind regards,

  • I have the same problem!

    I think is a bug between WPML and ACF 5.2.1. If I disable WPML or ACF all works fine but together not.

  • Hy Kurtko,

    yep – that’s the same for me, i’m also using WPML Seems to be a conflict.

    This solved the issue for me (at the moment), because the client hasn’t translated the content yet.

  • Same here. WPML and ACF 5.2.1

    I rolled back to ACF 5.2.0 and an earlier WPML and everything worked fine. However, I had installed ACF 5.2.1 to fix the disappearing fields/metaboxes bugs… so I’m out of luck on that front until this issue is resolved.

    Just want to give props to Elliot though — your responsiveness on bug fixes is superb. I appreciate the active development that you do on ACF.

  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I’ve heard some twitter chatter about this too. Sounds like a WPML bug is causing an infinite loop? Any chance you could test the latest PWML with an older version of ACF PRO to see if the conflict is only with the latest version, or all?

  • Hi @elliot,

    I tried this out by rolling back to ACF 5.2 as well as ACF (with WPML and got the same result.

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