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Maximize and Minimize the fields under repeater

  • im using repeater at a very big level.

    using repeater for many images and titles. so at the end when the post is ready i have a damn so lengthy admin page to be scared to look at.

    i have to scroll and scroll to get to the bottom of each field created using repeater.

    What can i do so that it doest get messy when using repeater in bulk.

    is there something that i can minimize the repeater field that i dont want to edit and only vie the ones im working on.

    Just like when creating a new custom field we can always click on the title in the admin panel to minimize the certain field under one group.

    Please help with any other alternatives if this cannot be done.

    Any help in maintaining very long admin will be very much appreciated.

  • This is what you need:

    Advanced Custom Fields Repeater & Flexible Content Fields Collapser

    It’s a must for almost every WP+ACF install.

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