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Matrix questions

  • I no the old version had a specific field type for creating matrix questions. But on this new version I see I cannot use that control is their any control which i can use like repeater to replicate matrix questions?

  • Are you referring to an old plugin that was called Custom Field Matrix? I ask because I found an older topic here that mentions it while searching.

    I’m unfamiliar with this plugin or what matrix questions are or how they work. Can you explain a bit more about what you’re trying to do an maybe I can point you to a solution.

  • I probally didnt state the question as well as I should have a matrix question is one that displays a list of radiobuttons horzontally with a raiting from poor to very good and with about ten radio buttons with a scale of 1 to ten that can be used to judge overall performance of a person.

    This screen shot online best describes what a matrix question is hence why i thought repeater would be best.

    Also is it possible with these forms to allow the end user to edit a custom post type reason being one my tasks its to allow user to submt and edit their item from the front end without allowing access to admin panel.

  • Yes, that explains it. Honestly, I’m not sure how I’d do that. While a repeater with a radio button sub field would work I don’t know if it’s possible to get the layout from ACF to be presented like that image.

    I recently did something similar for a client, but I did not use ACF to create the front end form. I used Contact Form 7. I haven’t actually seen this done with ACF.

    It this for creating a front end form using acf_form() or do you want this to be displayed this way in the admin?

  • Its for creating a used front end form so can allow them to fill in the custom post type on signup is that possible ??.

  • Well, a repeater with a radio button sub field would probably allow something like this, but I can’t say if it’s possible to format the fields and buttons so that it looks like the image you posted. Since I’ve never done it or seen it… The best I can tell you is, maybe. You’ll have to try it and figure out the custom CSS you’ll need to add to your page.

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