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Matching Chapters to a Custom posts

  • Im beginner in WordPress and with this plugin too .

    I have a Custom post type (using CPT UI plugin) called Stories which contain fields (using ACF plugin) to fill up story general info including the title , synopsis , language ,genre etc.. Also, I made another Custom post called Story Chapter where I enter the Chapter number and the chapter content .

    What I want to do is to link the Story Chapter with Story , whereas when I add a chapter its automatically added to its Story. In other words , for example , I have a lots of Stories posts and I want a way in which hen i add a story Chapter post its automatically goes to its story .

    So is there a field or settings in ACF or CPT UI plugin which can help me to do this ?

    Thanks in advance

  • I would probably use a hierarchical post type with story being the parent and chapter as a child page and control order using menu order. This would be the only way fro this to be “automatic”.

    Using ACF use a relationship field on the story post of a post object field on the chapter… or both, to associate them.

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