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Massive issues with ACF Multilanguage and WPML

  • Hey guys, I have made this support request but I am not just thinking i will create two tabs with 2 groups of fields on each page, one for french and one for english and just write my own template files for translations. I am not sure if it is WPML or the WPML ACF Multilanguage plugin or what but this seems like legit the worst software (not ACF… I love ACF… I mean WPML) that I have ever used.

    I can only assume that WPML dev’s haven’t spoken with ACF Dev’s in a long time. Is this now deprecated?

    Has anyone else ran in to this?

    On some pages, just random fields are blank and others are fully populated. This is extremely frustrating. The fields are showing on the front end, just not the back. so everytime you save a page you have to repopulate all of the meta boxes or it will overwrite your content with ”.

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