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Massive Include-problems

  • Hi there,

    today I update from ACF free to the pro-version.

    Now, I’ve got massive problems with the include of the acf.php files, filters etc. – that’s bullshit.

    In the free-Version, I still had to add in the functions.php of the theme


    In the free-version, this worked perfectly without any problems.

    But now wth the pro-Version this is not working any more; my posts with ACF-fields are empty … but the content is still in the output.

    Well … I searched for solutions over 3 hours right now – nothing worked.

    Theme-Dir from DOMAIN-root:


    ACF pro-files and directories 1:1 from the pro-zip-file are saved at


    Where’s the mistake and what’s the correct include?

    Greetings, Tobias

  • I found the problem … klicki-bunti … the category of the articles where I use ACF changed …

    …. SO: cased closed …

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