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Mass page creation with acf

  • Hello,

    I have a question, maybe quite odd but – I want to create a gallery based on WordPress pages. Create lots of pages is not problem with plugin mass pages/posts creator, but is there any way to apply ACF image field into the plugin to make filling gallery with content much faster?

  • If the other plugin is not built to work specifically with ACF, then probably not. You would need to talk to the author of that plugin.

  • I’m actually having a similar issue right now and it sucks. I use this one It has more features that the one your using, but these things have their limits. I need to add a lot of test posts to work on my current project and I’m pretty much left with doing each one manually. I dread adding testing data.

  • Good to know I’m not alone, haha. Thanks for linking that plugin, I will try it.

  • Hey @hube2 – Did you ever figure out a workaround for using FakerPress with ACF fields? I’m running into the same problem this morning.

  • This was so long ago that I don’t remember and I have not used any plugin to insert dummy data in a long time. Today I use the duplicate post plugin to add test posts quickly and when needed make edits after duplication to create “variations” for testing purposes. With this method I can create many posts quickly and more quickly than farting with creating filters or whatever to get ACF fields populated. Adding dummy content for testing is still one of those things I really hate. I’m actually doing that now on a project.

  • FakerPress seemed to work just fine using the normal field name actually. Without any need to manually save the post. So maybe something changed on one side or the other and there’s not really a problem anymore.

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