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Mapping input string for Repeater sub-field?

  • Hi everyone!

    I’ve just purchased ACF Pro in order to use the Repeater field. However, I need to ‘translate’ the input that goes into each sub-field in conjunction with imports via WP All Import.

    This is the closest I’ve come to a solution:

    However, this solution isn’t working for me.

    Here’s an example of a string that I need to divide into separate sub-fields and translate:


    So that should translate into this in the Repeater field:

    Sub-field 1 = (WFB) Håndarbejde og stoffer
    Sub-field 2 = (WF) Husflid, kunsthåndværk og håndarbejde
    Sub-field 3 = (WFBS2) Strikning og hækling

    I’m attaching a screenshot of how I’ve tried to use the WP All Import snippet within the Repeater fields.

    Hope that all makes sense and that someone can help!

    Many thanks!

  • Seems like the attachment didn’t come through. Here’s another attempt 🙂

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