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Map with multiple markers from CPTs

  • Hey,

    I am currently developing a system with several custom post types, which all have their own taxnomies. For example: CPT “accomodations” with taxonomies “guest house”, “hotel”, “private room” etc.

    The posts are going to have a map field (openstreetmap or google – dependes on where this is going) To display all information and e.g. the openstreetmap on the post page works perfectly fine. I also have an archive page running with taxonomy filtering – works fine too.

    I was now thinking about integrating a map of all accomodations with filtering. At the moment there don’t seem to exist any map plugins which can work with custom taxonomies.

    It looks I’ll have to built that myself and wanted to ask if anybody could help me out? I searched a lot and did not find exactly what I was looking for.

    In an absolute ideal world the code for the map should run in the functions.php and put out a shortcode which I then can use in the backend.

    I would be glad for any hints on this topic!

    Cheers, Markus

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