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Map field: marker snaps to address since 5.8.6

  • In ACF Pro 5.8.6 a change was made to the functionality of the map field. Now, when a marker is drag-and-dropped onto the map, the selected lat/lng are geolocated, and the marker will snap to the nearest address.

    For the majority of use cases I imagine this is desirable. However I have a couple of clients who use the map field to indicate the meeting point for events in remote locations: think locations within states parks. This change has really messed them up, since the nearest address might be quite some distance from the desired meeting point.

    I couldn’t see any way to disable the new “snap to address” functionality, so I am requesting that this be something that can be bypassed via a configuration setting, either in code or via ACF’s UI.

    Thanks Elliot!

  • Same here. Any known workaround available? As jnicol says, it would be great to control this functionality via field settings or maybe with a filter.

    Thanks in advanced

  • Just noticed the “Dev – Added “google_map_result” JS filter” on the 5.8.6 changelog. Is it possible to disable it? Our problem is that some locations must be defined by latitude and longitude coordinates instead of addresses as they are remote or non urban locations.

    Thanks in advanced

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