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Map field – ability to change a default map type

  • It’s possible to toggle between the terrain and the roadmap, but the roadmap is set as a default view. Could you add a toggle to set the terrain map as a default?

    I know I can change it in JS, via google maps API, but it would be nice if it was configurable in the plugins options.


  • @wube I think offering a place to put JSON overrides would be great.

    Have you got any examples?

  • Hi @wube

    Could you please open a new ticket for a feature request? This will make sure that the request is passed directly to the plugin author. You can open a new ticket here:

    Thanks 🙂

  • @nml

    There’s an acf.fields.google_map.maps object. It holds the references to the google maps objects. To change a map type for a single field you have to find the field’s key. So let’s assume that the key is acf-field_56d8b333cb295-57371867cb2db.

    So to change the map type simply execute:

    You can replace the TERRAIN with: ROADMAP, SATELLITE or HYBRID.

    I don’t where does the key name come from. 56d8b333cb295 is a field key. But I have no idea what does the second part (57371867cb2db) stand for.

    <b>// EDIT:</b>

    I forgot to say about one important detail. You have to run this code after the google maps API is initialized. As far I know there’s no public hook, so the only way is to run this code inside setIntervalI() and check acf.fields.google_map.status value is ready;


    acf.add_action('load', function () {
        var googleMap = acf.fields.google_map;
        var interval = setInterval(function () {
            if (googleMap.status !== 'ready') {
            // Set all the google maps type to HYBRID
            $.each(googleMap.maps, (keyName, map) => {
        }, 100);

    I hope you read this topic. I have an idea how to improve the core code a bit. It would be great if acf.fields.google_map.status wasn’t just a regular field. IMO it would be much better if it returned a promise (an instance of $.Deferred()) object.

    It’s a much cleaner solution. setInterval() wouldn’t be required then.

    Let’s assume that there’s a method like acf.fields.google_map.loadingGoogleMap(). It returns a promise. Consider the following pseudo-implementation:

    acf.fields.google_map.loadingGoogleMap = function () {
        var deferred = $.Deferred();
            .done(function () {
                // Google map initialization code goes here...
            .fail(function () {
        return deferred;

    And here’s the modified initial code. Now setInterval() is not required.

    acf.add_action('load', function () {
        var googleMap = acf.fields.google_map;
        // This code runs when the 'acf.fields.google_map.loadingGoogleMap' promise is resolved
        acf.fields.google_map.loadingGoogleMap.done(function () {
            // Set all the google maps type to HYBRID
            $.each(googleMap.maps, (keyName, map) => {

    Simple. Isn’t it?

    Yes. I know, the promise should be resolved in the google maps callback function, not in the $.getScript().done() callback. This is why I called it pseudo-implementation 🙂

  • With a nudge in the right direction from ACF support, I was able to achieve exactly what I wanted, namely removing some controls from my acf_form front-end Google Map inputs, via the ‘new’ JavaScript API’s google_map_args filter found at

    acf.add_filter('google_map_args', function( args, field ){
    	args[ 'mapTypeControl' ] = false;
    	args[ 'streetViewControl' ] = false;
    	args[ 'fullscreenControl' ] = false;
    	return args;
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