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Map Displaying

  • Hello,

    I’ve gotten ACF fields set up within a category, and it works fine on some pages, but the exact same code doesn’t work on others. Some pages the map just doesn’t load at all, and there’s no difference in the code (it’s the same settings page), so I don’t know what could be causing this.

  • Hi @improstudios

    Hmm… Several issues could be causing this.

    Here is what I would do to establish the cause of the issue: First, open the browser JavaScript console to establish if there are any errors that display here when the map does not display. If some errors display, then I would use these as pointers to what could be causing the issue.

    If no error display, then I would consider testing with ACF as the only active plugin and when I am using the default WP theme in order to rule out that the problem could be caused by the other plugins.

  • I don’t see any JavaScript or PHP errors, so I’m not sure what’s up.

    Here’s a page the map’s not working on

    Here’s a page the map is working on

    They’re built with the same form, and I’m just confused as to what could be causing this. There’s 44 locations and the map isn’t working for about 12. It’s all called on the archives.php page.

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