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Making fitting tool (important)

  • Hello, we want to make fitting tool for game Battlestar Galactica Online. We read that ACF could be used for this. So, at start we must make some database of placeable ships, then items, of course every item has several levels. Every Ship alone has own statistics and they are modyfied by adding items. Stats will be displayed next to the config tool.

    Second case is map. We want to make map with clicable sectors. And each sectors will have some stats what is in that sector.

    I am writing here, because we want to make this 2 tool for our website and are despared and we do not know exactly how to do this. (Connect database with tool and ect)
    Any suggestion would be great.

    We want to make this, so players do not have to buy and upgrade all items, and could test it free on website.

    Here are some pics how it looks in game and how we want to make it

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