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Making a field group evident

  • Is there a way to make a field group stand out on the admin edit screen.

    In the field group I try the setting styles Standard (WP metabox) and Seamless (no metabox) but these don’t produce any effect.

    Is this what a Group field type is used for?

    I tried placing the fields into a group field and that demarcates those fields in that group on the edit screen nicely. So they would become sub fields in this case.

  • Yes it makes them sub fields. Bee sure to read the documentation for group fields.

  • I couldn’t find any info online about the group field because most info that comes up is about a field group lol.

    So that’s one of the primary purposes of the group field then, to create a clear visual distinction on the interface?

    I was just seeing if there was a way to do this without having the group field and sub fields. But if the group field is the way to do it then I’m happy to go with that.


  • it is one of the uses, yes. The Group field is mostly for organizing fields in the UI, but it does make coding for the fields a bit more complicated.

  • Thanks John.

    Although more complicated, on the other hand sub fields can be the same name as another field elsewhere and not clash right? So long as the sub fields inside the group field are all unique? So this provides flexibility?

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