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Make Model Year filter and attribute question

  • Hi there, my apologies in advance for this lengthy question.

    I’ve been looking for a “car parts” filter for a very long time, about 2 years. I’ve tried building it from scratch, downloading multiple plugins and i’ve wasted a lot of money.

    I run a car parts website and i’ve got a somewhat working example but it’s not what i’m specifically looking for.

    The main filter would be:
    Make, Model, Year, Engine
    When choosing the Make, only Models from that Make would be displayed. I think this is considered hierarchical.
    I believe I could build a filter without having to enter all the make and models and years multiple times.

    Possible solution:
    Each product would have a ACF table with the information about the different car that this product can fit.

    In the backend, each product would have these ACF applied to the different products:
    2012 AUDI A4 2.5L

    In the frontend, if I choose the AUDI, it would choose all the MODELS that have AUDI associated with it. So on and so forth.

    I’ve included screenshot on how i think it should be working.

    Any help would be super appreciated 🙂

    Thanks in advance,

  • files didn’t work, here they are.

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