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Make ACF PRO Even Awesomer –> Give Us A Class Field

  • Elliot,
    We’re doing a lot of customizing on the backend of WP for our clients lately and all of it has been by hand per client. It would be absolutely amazing if you could add a section for us to add a class to any field we want to. This way we could layout fields easier in the backend. It’s also especially useful if combined with a framework like Twitter Bootstrap, etc.

    Pretty please?!

  • Agreed – I would love an easier way to lay out custom fields in the admin. A simple example is when a post type has “start date” and “end date” fields. I’d love to easily display those side by side with a ‘left_half” and “right_half” class. I can handle adding the CSS to the WP admin, but it’s so hard to target specific fields based on their IDs.

  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the feature, however, I don’t know how to add this in without bloating the UI with another setting for each field.

    Perhaps I could add a filter for the wrapping element attributes (class)?

  • Understandable! How would the filter work? Would that be an easier way to add a class to several different fields?

    Thanks for considering it Elliot!

  • Hey @elliot – anyway you’re gonna get this in there soon? I played around with the Pods framework and noticed they already added something similar in there.

    It’s really imperative to have the ability for us to easily create a new class on a field so we can properly layout the fields in the admin edit pages.

    I’d think this would be a much easier alternative than say giving us some actual layout tool that would do this.

    If you give us just the ability to add our own classes, then as developers, we can easily provide layout off of bootstrap or any other layout framework like that.


  • Just a thought re-reading this, but could it be a toggle in the screen options sort of like the field id so it’s only there when needed?

  • Hey guys

    Great news, in an upcoming update you can expect attributes for id, class and width for each field!

  • Excellent, that’s great news!!

  • Awesome! Thank you so much!

    Any idea what version it will be in?

  • Just released 5.1.3 with these new features!

  • Christmas has come early!!!

  • This is awesome! Between this and the new block layout for flex fields, I’m very happy today!

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