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Make ACF backend look pretty

  • Are there any tutorials out there that touch on a view points to make the ACF/wp-admin look prettier. I already have fields that are next to each other on the front-end also appear next to each other on the back-end with the 50% width (although the last field floats a bit under see screenshot).

    For my specific use case: right now I build a homepage with ACF where I loop through some post, these post can not be edited in the homepage back-end, so I have created a fake field that states: The posts can be edited here and this links to /wp-admin/edit.php, but I don’t know if this is the best way to to go about this and I would love to here other opinions/tips.

  • Hi @mvaneijgen

    I’m not sure what you want to do, but if you want to style the backend, you can use the “acf/input/admin_head” hook to add scripts and styles you want. This page should give you more idea about it:

    I hope this helps.

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