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Main wp post type validation error with acf

  • Hi , hope you have some idea for me , i am using ACF version (4.4.11) and Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field (1.1.11) , but having issue with main post type for validation , you can see error message here : Validation error acf (img link if incase not showing:

    I have some other type of custom post type, which is working fine without any issue. Is there anything i am missing, or how i can disable that validation so i can able to post new content through main post type through wordpress.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Do you have any filters on your site. This is where I’d look first for something that could cause this. An example of something that can easily cause this is not not returning $valid from the filter, for example

    function my_validation_filter($valid, $value, $field, $input) {
      // a statement like this will cause false validation failure
      // the above statement must look like this
      return $valid;
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