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Loss of Repeater Field Data when Rearranging Layouts in Flexible Content

  • Hello,

    When using a Flexible Content field in ACF, which contains layouts that include Repeater fields, there is an issue where changing the order of the layouts in the WordPress admin interface results in the loss of data from the Repeater field within those layouts.


    1. Web Server: Apache/2.4.54 (Unix) OpenSSL/1.0.2u PHP/8.2.0
    2. PHP Version: 8.2.0
    3. max_input_vars 10000
    4. MySQL Server Version: 5.7.39
    5. WordPress Version: 6.3.1
    6. ACF Version:


    I wanted to provide an update regarding the configuration change I made in PHP. As recommended in the discussion thread found here: Thread Link, I adjusted the max_input_vars to 10000.

    Unfortunately, despite making this adjustment, the issue of data loss when updating Flexible Content fields persists. The rows continue to disappear in the backend as mentioned in the thread.

    Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

    Create a Flexible Content field in ACF and add layouts that contain Repeater fields.
    Populate data in the Repeater fields within the layouts.
    In the WordPress admin interface, rearrange the order of the layouts within the Flexible Content field.
    Save the changes.
    Notice that the data in the Repeater fields has been erased.

    Additional Information:

    This issue leads to the loss of critical user data and can have a significant impact on their use of ACF.
    Expectations: We expect that rearranging the layouts within the Flexible Content field should not result in data loss within the Repeater fields.

    Thank you for considering this bug report and working towards its resolution. If additional information is required, please feel free to request it.

  • It your repeater field or any of its sub fields hidden by conditional logic?

  • I confirm – it is still a thing.

    It happens for different field setups – I’m still doing a more through investigation of the issue.

    The problem that was reported to me recently was an editor using a simple flexible section (text field, textarea, button + repeater containing only one select input per row) – one day the data is there and the next day the whole section has a structure (so I see lets say 6 repeater rows) but all is empty, even fields marked as required.

    Using a DB backup I noticed that the sections order was changed between the days – so it could support this idea suggested initially by wplus.

    And no John Huebner – there is no conditional logic for this section.

    So far (in my investigation) I can see that the data for this section seems to be still in the DB but ACF does not see it to fill the forms with the values.

    I have:
    ACF Pro Version 6.2.3
    WordPress 6.4.1
    PHP Version 8.1.23
    max_input_vars 10000 (which is not exceeded by the edited page)
    + reasonable log max_execution_time & max_input_time

  • …and this doesn’t happen every time unfortunately, so I cannot recreate it on demand but it is reported regularly by the editors and seems to have the same root – rearranging flexible sections.

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