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Loop to display acf image of taxonomy term

  • Hi there,

    Im creating a loop to display a list of my custom taxonomy terms, and i have a acf image field attached to my taxonomy.

    Below is what what i currently have, but im struggling to get the term ID into my $image variable. The query works fine when i tested manually by hardcoding a id number in that get_field, but cant seem to get the term id.

    Probably simple, but appreciate the help!

    		$tax = 'product_category';
    		$terms = get_terms( $tax, $args = array(
    		  'hide_empty' => false, // do not hide empty terms
    		foreach( $terms as $term ) {
    			$term_link = get_term_link( $term );
    			$image = get_field('category_thumbnail', 'product_category_' . $term_id );
    			if( $term->count > 0 ) {
    			   echo '<a href="' . esc_url( $term_link ) . '">';
    				echo '<img src="' . $image['url'] . '" alt="' . $image['alt'] .'">';       
    				echo $term->name .'</a>';
    			} elseif( $term->count !== 0 ) {
    				echo '' . $term->name .'';
  • The first thing you should do is check how you’re calling get_terms(). This changed in WP 4.5

    Once you’re sure your getting the right thing the line for getting the image should look something like this

    $image = get_field('category_thumbnail', 'product_category_' . $term->term_id );
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