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Looking for Developer Help

  • We have built a template for a page that loads fields from a ACF field group page. Sorry if my definition is not accurate. The frontend template loads the fields in a layout displaying all the fields and their content. We would like to be able to search the fields via a dropdown list of the main field tags and we would like the page to reload as Ajax to display only the fields chosen from the dropdown item selected. I think an example would help;
    test image
    The Search dropdown has a list of all tag fields used and when clicked it should only display the content boxes with those field tags. I have the Field Group and the template to display them I just need to be able to search the display and change it to only display the tag that was selected in the dropdown.

    I really don’t know how to add this and as we are in a time crunch I was hoping someone here could finish this.

  • HI @ray

    I would suggest that you get some help from the ACF experts at Codeable:

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